Create greater meaning with Your Wealth

Glenrose Philanthropy Advisors are devoted to client-centered charitable planning. We empower people and organizations to effectively direct their philanthropic resources consistent with their deepest values.

Our Purpose


To help clients create and execute a philanthropic giving plan based on their values and priorities.

To coordinate with clients’ advisors (legal, tax and wealth) to achieve the best results possible including tax saving and leveraging gifts.

To make and keep families strong.

With support from an accredited philanthropic advisor, you can realize the nexus of your values, interests and wealth with proven strategies that deliver meaningful community impact and bring deep fulfillment.

With philanthropic advising, community knowledge and civic leadership, you will be empowered to create positive change in the world and form a unique legacy.

Glenrose Philanthropy Advisors can:

– Create and manage philanthropic giving plans 

– Identify giving opportunities and carry out the gifting/reporting

– Bridge and coordinate the planning with other professionals 

– Analyze and evaluate philanthropic impact

– Lead family meetings



Common Questions

Why do I need a giving strategy?

Having a giving strategy can make philanthropy easier, more impactful and provide peace of mind.

How do I engage my children and grandchildren in philanthropy?

The role that charitable giving plays in developing the next generation is profound. They can be taught to look beyond themselves, gain leadership skills, and become more invested in the community.

How can charitable giving reduce my tax liability?

There are numerous charitable giving strategies that allow you to save on taxes as you support your favorite causes. You may be able to magnify your impact using these strategies.